You think I don’t understand,
But I do.
You think I’m still in the dark,
But I’ve already seen the light.
I have seen myself through your eyes,
And I know who you think I am.
I am your safe place.
I am your home away from home,
When life gets in the way of living.
I can make you smile when all you want to do is hide.
I can make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.
I can make you happy when all you want to do is stop feeling.
I can make all these things happen for you,
But I can’t make you see me
For who I really am.
Is it that unheard of?
Falling for someone like me?
I’ll never fit in with your circle of friends,
But I’ll never make you feel like a stranger when you get home.
I’ll never call just to hear the sound of your voice,
But I’ll never make you feel like I don’t care.
I’ll never make grand gestures in front of others,
But I’ll never betray your confidence.
Still, I’m never enough.
So we’ll do the little dance that we always do.
We’ll do the dance that I’ve done so many times before.
I’ll be there for you when no one else is,
Until someone else is,
And I’ll be forgotten again until they break your heart.
And I’ll console you…
And I’ll be there for you…
Until the carousel starts to spin.
Maybe one day I’ll be strong enough to get off.