I didn’t know I was over you until I saw her.
I didn’t know I no longer wanted you until I started wanting her.
To be honest,
I think I wanted you from the very beginning.
It wasn’t love at first sight.
It might have been an infatuation.
It might have been a slow burn.
Whatever it was, you confused me.
Those little lingering touches,
Those embraces that lasted a fraction too long,
Those hints of jealousy when someone else showed interest.
Such things made me wonder,
But then you never let me in.
You never let me see the real you.
You never used your words
To back up the promises your eyes made.
And you wonder at my confusion?
But it doesn’t matter now.
It’s too late anyway
Because I’ve been here before,
And I finally realize that I’m worth more than confusion.
She made me realize it.
With her it was lust at first sight
And it may never be anything more than that
But she has shown me that there are possibilities,
That I am capable of feeling things I didn’t think I’d feel again.
I am capable of wanting things I didn’t think I’d want again.
I am capable of wanting more than you.
I’m not confused anymore.
I think that’s your burden now,
And I wish you all the best with it.
Now I am certain that I will find what I am looking for.
Now I am certain that I have the strength to keep looking.
Now I am certain that you are not the one for me.
Now I am certain it is because of her.