I think a lot, probably too much. I can’t help it, especially when I’m lying in the darkness and sleep refuses to come. That happens more often than I’d like to admit, although I have just admitted it. I lie there and I think about things I’ve seen online, things that have drawn my attention on the news, things that have happened during the course of my day. What do I do with these thoughts? I could try to ignore them until they demand an audience, but that rarely works, at least for me. So I must do what I always do when the voices in my head get too loud……write.

I’ve chosen to share my thoughts with you here. No, I’m not so full of myself to think that perfect strangers will be interested in my opinions. Then again, you’re reading this right now, aren’t you? Maybe you’ll agree with the directions my thoughts have taken, or maybe you’ll have a different point of view. Maybe you’ll be able to provide clarity to the things that confuse me. Maybe, like me, you’ll spend some time thinking too.