There’s a storm brewing, darling,
Both inside and out.
I can hear the rain drops pounding against the windows,
Desperate to be let in.
I can hear the wind screeching as it vents its frustration
On man and beast alike.
I am cold…
Oh so cold.
The hair on my skin cuts like shards of ice.
My own breath makes me shiver.
I hunger for rescue,
But the only thing I need wrapped around me is you.
The only heat I need are your lips touching mine.
The only salvation I need are our bodies moving as one,
Giving life to our own fire.
I don’t know when this first started.
I don’t know when I first went from looking to longing.
All I know is that your place is next to me…
Under me…
Inside me…
How do I make you understand?
How do I make you crave my touch,
As I crave yours?
It scares me, this tempest growing within.
I have taught myself to ignore…
To feel nothing at even the most wanton of caresses.
And I am a good teacher.
Why now does my body betray me so?
I don’t want to want you.
I don’t want my breath to hitch each time I see you.
I don’t want my skin to tingle every time your fingers
Glide across mine.
But it does.
I’m drenched in sweat and I’m fighting here.
I’m fighting here, and I’m drowning.
I don’t know how to do this.
I don’t know how to not burn for you.
I am just a reed caught in the wind…
Whether you know it or not,
You own me to do as you will.
I surrender, if you’ll have me.
I can only hope that if the time comes,
You will be merciful.
And yet, deep inside,
In the places I yearn for you the most,
I fear you will be the one to make me beg.