There is no more.
I have done all that I can do.
I have let you trespass
In places I swore no one would ever be allowed to roam free.
I have opened myself to you…
Laid bare all the scars
That I had thought too ugly to display…
Shown you the shadows to my light.
I have confessed my faults
And offered myself up to your mercy.
Still, you do not see.
You do not recognize what stands before you.
You do not recognize that I have given all.
I cannot recognize that it is time to let go.
Your scent still confuses me…
Intoxicates me.
It is so uniquely you.
Your simplest of touches still inflames me…
Ignites me.
And yet I suffer in silence…
Fearing that to pull you from your ignorance
Would only push you away.
For even though the pain of having you close
Is almost too much to bear,
I still don’t know how to live without you.