You say that I’m a sinner.
What makes you think you’re worthy
Of casting the first stone?
Your place is at the back of the line.
You say that I am unnatural,
That I disrupt the natural order of producing the next generation.
Am I an animal then, put on this earth as nothing but breeding stock?
Have you never enjoyed intimacy just for the pleasure of it?
You say that I disgust you.
My dear, the feeling is mutual.
Your bigotry, and hypocrisy, make me want to vomit
With its foul odor of hatred.
You say that I have destroyed the sanctity of marriage.
Me? The one who wants nothing more than to find that special person,
And be allowed to build a life with them?
My goodness, what a destructive creature I am.
At least I don’t hide behind convenient lines in a book.
At least I don’t use the words of a God I have never met
As a cowardly excuse to perpetrate my own brand of evil,
For that’s just what you are.
You are evil every time you allow a child to take their own life,
Because that seems a better option than facing your judgment.
You are evil every time you allow two people to die in shame,
Without ever having their chance to proclaim their love to the world.
You are evil every time you stand idly by
And allow atrocities to be committed against an innocent person
Simply because you cannot understand how they love.
That is true evil.
That is the true sin.
I wonder, do you have children?
If you do, look into their eyes right now and tell me,
What would you do if they told you they were different?
Would they cease to be yours?
Would you throw them out on the streets to fend for themselves?
Would you join in when others spew venom at them?
Would you turn your back on the child you swore to protect the day they were born?
We are all someone’s child, and yet you choose to defile and abuse us.
Take a good look in the mirror and tell me,
Who’s the worst sinner now?