I think deep down I’ve always wanted to be published, even though I might not have been cognizant of the fact. That’s certainly not why I started writing. You might not believe it but I was once very adamant I would never try to publish any of my work. I hadn’t started writing fiction as yet, but I had amassed a collection of over 200 poems. But, as far as I was concerned, it was for my eyes only. After all, they came from the deepest parts of myself. Why would I want to expose that to the world?

But maybe the world needs it. Maybe there’s someone out there who believes they’re alone, but something I wrote can show them that they’re not. Maybe there’s someone out there who has lost hope, but something I wrote can show them that all isn’t lost. I’m very  proud of the two pieces that I’ve been lucky enough to have published.

Off The Rocks, Volume 15 – Let Love Endure

Letters To My Bully – Dearest Bully

To be honest, my focus in what little spare time I have has been on creating stories for the website. That’s not to say I won’t be submitting anything for publication again. The time hasn’t been right thus far, but who knows what the future will bring?

You’ve shown me that at least some of you are interested in my words. I owe it to you to conquer my own fears and let them flow.