I miss you,
And yes, I do know how pathetic that sounds,
Especially coming from me.
I’m the one who usually makes light of such things.
I’m the one who usually points out the futility
Of falling for someone who will never fall in return,
Often with a shake of the head
And a sad look in my eyes.
Yet here I am, doing the same damn thing.
I wish there was something I could do,
Some pill I could swallow,
That could banish all thoughts of you.
I haven’t found anything yet.
I know exactly how stupid this is.
I know that you belong to someone else.
I know that, even if you didn’t,
There is no reason someone like you
Could ever want someone like me.
I know that, even if you did,
I’m nowhere capable of being the person you need.
I know all of that,
And I still want you.
I still find myself with that little smile on my face
Whenever I talk to you.
I still find myself thinking about you
At the oddest times throughout the day.
I still find myself wanting to spend more time with you
And not knowing how to ask.
I still find myself desiring to know what you’re thinking
When you look at me like that
And say nothing.
I think I might be in trouble here.
I think that you’re making me feel things
I had hoped never to feel again.
I need to stay away from you,
But knowing doesn’t make it so.
You are my flame,
And I fear I am helpless.