They say the night hides a multitude of sins.
Can it hide ours darling?
Or is desire destined to find daylight?
I don’t need lessons in morality from you.
I know it’s right.
I feel it’s right.
But the things I want to do to you…
Oh, they’re so wrong.
I need to teach you lessons of an entirely different kind.
Would that shock you, I wonder?
Would you step back and look away?
I think you may surprise yourself.
You know you want me.
You know I’ve seen the glances you’ve been sending my way.
You know I know when you turn back to look at me,
Because I’m looking at you too.
Coy doesn’t suit you.
You’re a woman used to taking what she wants.
What makes this different?
Come and take what you want
Before someone else makes the move you won’t.
You’ve gotten under my skin.
I want to be between your legs.
I want to touch you in all the places others have touched you
In ways that they have never touched you.
I want to be the reason for the sweat soaked sheets.
I want to be the reason for the marks of possession.
I want to be the reason for the sounds you make,
But I don’t want to make you scream.
Even an amateur can achieve such a task.
Only a truly skilled hand can rob you of your voice.
I have mastered those skills.
Let me prove my mastery to you.
Let me make you forget those who have gone before me.
They did not deserve you.
They did not deserve the chance to worship your body
With their clumsy fumbling.
I will not falter.
I will not fail.
They say the night hides a multitude of sins.
It will not hide ours.
Mere darkness cannot mask our passion,
Or my mastery of your desires.