Forget me.
I know it won’t be difficult for you to do.
You’re already half way there.
I’m not sure what happened
But I have my suspicions.
Did you think I wanted more than I did?
I do not love you.
I have never loved you.
Such things are beyond my capabilities,
Broken vessel that I am.
Most do not see it.
Most believe I am something I am not.
Perhaps that was why you mistook
Me being me
As an expression of interest.
I will admit to being intrigued
By the idea of loving
And being loved.
I know my limitations though,
And I know when an idea must remain just an idea.
I am foolish in a lot of ways,
But not nearly foolish enough to believe
That I have anything to offer.
I cannot offer compromise.
I have been alone too long to chance unsettling my ways.
I cannot offer intimacy.
I have always shied away from human touch.
I cannot offer tenderness.
I am often rough with my affections.
I cannot offer love.
I do not believe in it.
What then did you assume I was offering you?
You could have had my hand in friendship.
Instead you chose to pull away
Without so much as a word of warning.
It’s not the first time.
It won’t be the last.
I’ve gotten used to my own company over the years.
I will do what is best for me.
You do what is best for you.
Forget me.