I saw you again last night.
It wasn’t the same place this time,
Although the feelings you conjured were unchanged.
Well that’s not quite true.
I suppose you could say they were amplified,
Because this time you spoke to me…
Really spoke to me,
For what seems like hours,
Although time has a way of playing tricks in dreams.
I wish that I did have hours with you.
My one regret is of waking up…
Of leaving you so suddenly.
The details are fading now
As they are so often inclined to do,
But I can still almost see you.
I can still almost see you smile at me.
I can still almost see the instant connection the first time our eyes met.
What are you?
A mirage sent to torture me with what I cannot have while I am awake?
A portend of what is to come?
A sign that I should not lose my faith?
I lost my faith a long time ago,
And now I must surely be losing my mind,
Because I cannot get you out of it.
Can I see you tonight?
I so desperately want to,
But I don’t know how to make it so.
I think of you constantly,
As if hoping that mere thought could summon you out of thin air.
As if hoping that you do exist somewhere
And I could make myself run in your direction.
If only I could do that.
If only I could breathe life into you and make you real.
Until then I shall have to sing myself a lullaby
And hope that I see you in my dreams.