It was fun there for a while,
Believing that someone like you could notice someone like me.
It was a nice thought,
But that’s where I made my fatal mistake.
I wanted it to be more than that.
I wanted it to be more than just a fantasy.
I wanted it to be true.
The truth is
I’m not the kind of girl who inspires mad desire.
I’m not even the kind of girl who inspires quiet longing.
I’m just one of the everyday many…
One of the sweetly unremarkable.
It was a silly conviction that I could make your eyes stray.
What could I possibly have to offer you?
I’m not a brilliant conversationalist.
My most eloquent words are borne through my fingers
Not my tongue.
I am not one of the world’s great minds.
I know little about everything,
And much about nothing.
I’m not one of the great beauties of the day.
I am a series of flaws put together
In a vain attempt at perfection.
I am not the owner of great wealth and riches.
I’m a blue collar girl
In a white collar world.
The only thing that is mine to give is myself.
I know that would not be enough for you.
But the belief was mine,
And so too is the blame.
You did nothing to encourage my admiration,
Nothing other than just being you.
I was the one who fell.
I was the one who couldn’t help looking back
As you walked away.
I was the one who needed to see you.
Now I am the one needs to step away,
To break free of this hold you have on me
That you’re not even aware of.
It’s just so damn hard
To deny what’s made its way into your blood.
I know it’s the thing I must do.
I know it’s the right thing to do.
So why does it feel so wrong?