“I would the steal the moon from the sky for you.”
I always thought that to be nothing more than a foolish notion,
But somehow, when I’m with you,
I feel as though I’m strong enough to do that very thing,
And more…
Why is that?
Why is it that a simple look from you can turn me from a cynic
Into a believer?
Is this what they call love?
Is this what I have always been afraid of?
I understand now why my heart has felt this fear.
This is beautiful, and wild, and free, and terrifying.
How devastating must be the fall when you feel like flying.
How frightening must be the thoughts when you believed them locked away.
I have shunned every overture.
I have sought shelter like a scared child,
Hiding from a thunderstorm that is long in coming.
I have tried all I can try,
And fought as hard as I can fight,
But all my efforts have trembled before the power of your touch.
How long have I been waiting for you?
How long have I existed without even knowing that I was waiting?
I was holding my breath,
And drowning in my own ignorance,
Until you came along and took my hand.
You soothed even as I pulled away.
You showed me beauty even as I clung to darkness.
I am scared still.
I cannot deny that, as much as I would like to.
Something this powerful is bound to be dangerous,
But I have never had sympathy for cowards,
Even when the cowardice has been my own.
So, yes.
If you asked for the moon, I would find a way to bring it to you.
If you asked for the stars, I would beg them to shine for you.
If you asked for my heart, I would willingly hand it over to you.
You have brought light where there were once only shadows.
You have brought life where there was once only desolation.
For that, I could never repay you.